July Advisory Board Letter

Thanks for helping grow our team. I appreciate you reading these letters and sharing your time to make this idea to end homelessness more impactful.

Hopefully you saw our piece in the SF Homeless Project, written by Leigh Biddlecome. Check it out and share.

Our big news since June 1:

  • Announcing our newest weekly pop up! Every Thursday over lunch at The Hall SF, 1028 Market Street in San Francisco, starting late July.
  • We’re hiring! All this fundraising helps us hire six transitionally homeless employees for the next three-month employment cohort. Our all hands meeting with new employees is Wednesday, July 5.
  • We’ve got summer interns! Asha Kimball (gardens) and Joujou Nguyen (sous chef), recent USF and Stanford grads respectively, are helping grow our management team and open up new shifts. Say hi at our next event!
  • We signed the contract to start phase 1 of the rooftop garden at Hospitality House shelter in the Tenderloin.
  • Whole Foods, our biggest name co-sponsor for the first anniversary fundraiser fiesta, found its own new co-sponsor.

Question of the month for you:

Are you coming to our July 30 fundraiser fiesta, and who can you invite with you (or without you if you can’t make it)?

This is our best shot all year to grow the donor and volunteer base. Who better to introduce them than you, a board member! And what better time to show off our mission and employees than when we’re all gathered at our biggest party yet?

Link to tickets on Feastly.

More info on our homepage, farminghope.org.


Jamie + The Farming Hope Team

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