How we do it


Pop Up Restaurants
We highlight our garden produce and hire unhoused individuals to hold regular pop up restaurants across the Bay. Buy your ticket or volunteer to make it happen!

  • Our next pop up!: San Francisco – Friends of Farming Hope Pop Up – Thursday, April 13, 7-8:30 PM in San Francisco. Get your tickets here.

New: Farmers’ Market Lunch Stand

Join us every Wednesday from 11:00-1:30, launched March 8, at the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market, United Nations Plaza steps City Hall in San Francisco.  We’re selling gourmet and vegetarian quesadillas, soup, salad, desserts and tea. Featuring produce from partner gardens where we work, this new stand allows us to expand our culinary training and employment.

Garden Days
Growing food is therapeutic and dignified work. Volunteer at a garden shift alongside our team members.

  • We garden several days a week in San Francisco, Saratoga, and soon we’ll help start a big church garden in Palo Alto.
  • Sign up to volunteer here.


Targets for 2017

  • Hire 20 more homeless team members
  • Work with 10 urban gardens to grow more local food and connect our communities to the Earth
  • Host four pop-up community meals per month
  • Give everyone in our communities a seat at the table to drive healthier socializing and solutions

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