Our Mission

Empower individuals out of homelessness

Create dignified work & safe spaces

Grow and share food

Serve one another

Farming Hope is a non-profit community organization bringing sustained employment and training in the culinary industry to unhoused and low-income people in our community.

We were born out of the Stanford FEED Design School Incubator in June 2016 and have been working to build radically inclusive communities in the San Francisco Bay Area since.

Farming Hope is a bridge out of homelessness. We create jobs for homeless people in gardening and use that food in pop up restaurants. Growing and serving food lets our folks feel valued and empowered to share their gifts.

How we do it

We foster community, service, and opportunity for everyone through urban farming and cooking.

We hire homeless and low-income individuals to join our team.

We grow produce in urban gardens.

We educate our community on how to use that produce.

We host community pop up restaurants to gather neighborhoods and fund Farming Hope.

We support each other to be self-sustaining.

The Problem We’re Solving

Unhoused and marginally housed individuals lack sustainable self-development opportunities in the Bay Area. Immediate resources are available, but a sense of community and opportunities for long-term growth are lacking.

  • Cafeterias and shelters only provide tangible, short-term resources (food, clothing, temporary housing).
  • Available resources provide limited benefits. For example, soup kitchen food is often processed or unhealthy due to tight budgets.
  • Homeless folks are often segregated for services, and not empowered with a sense of contributing to community.