Farming Hope is a non-profit community organization providing transitional employment and training in the culinary industry to unhoused and low-income people in our community.

In 2018, we accepted 16 apprentices into our program, 15 completed the program, 7 were placed into employment after graduation, 5 have continued working for 6+ months, 3 are now in leadership roles and 1 has been hired by Farming Hope. Total wages distributed to our apprentices: $18,403. Total number of hours paid for on-the-job training: 1212.23. We served and fed at least 1076 diners at our community events.

Our vision is to transform lives and rebuild communities through a just food system. Our mission is to empower and employ individuals out of poverty through dignified jobs in gardening and cooking.

We were born out of the Stanford FEED Design School Incubator in June 2016 and have been working to build radically inclusive communities in the San Francisco Bay Area since.

Farming Hope is a culinary program and social movement promoting self-sufficiency by creating equitable opportunities in local food businesses.

We use ancestral Mexican wisdom to transform imperfect produce into nourishing, vegetable focused cuisine.

We create spaces for people like you to come together across boundaries and share your stories, so everyone can have a place to be seen and heard.


Support our mission

Give once

A donation of $45 supports the continued employment of one of our unhoused team members through one pop-up meal.

Give monthly

You’ll become part of our Support Team helping empower unhoused and low-income people in our community.

Donations are made directly to Farming Hope.