Taste Farming Hope's delicious
food at Manny's in San Francisco
3092 16th Street

Grand Opening
Friday, Nov. 9th at 2:30pm

Tues through Fri Hours
Breakfast, 7am–11am
Lunch, 11:30am–2:30pm
Bar Menu, 2:30pm–7pm

Sat to Sun Hours
Brunch, 9am-2:30pm
Bar Menu, 2:30pm-7pm

Breakfast @ Manny's

Lunch & Brunch too!
In San Francisco

Indulge in our favorite breakfast, lunch, bar snacks and brunch foods at Manny's starting November 9th, 2:30PM-11PM. Come for the delicious food, but stay long for the company!

Private Dinners

Farming Hope would love to host your company’s lunch or dinner! Be it a multi-course sit-down meal or a cocktail evening with light bites and drinks, we’ll throw the ideal party for your group. Check out our menus including dishes like crab brioche rolls with chipotle aioli, crispy braised chicken thigh with polenta, and sangria.

“This is therapy, the work. It gives me peace, and the space to think about my schedule... I said to myself I have a body and I'm going to use it."

— Phillip, a Farming Hope graduate on the therapeutic benefits of gardening and community involvement while watering lettuce he planted.

Ways to get involved

Sponsor a garden day
Spend a couple hours with your colleagues in our urban garden working alongside our employees. Sip tea with herbs plucked straight from the garden!

Join the team
We're looking for committed, part-time volunteers for life coaching, bookkeeping and social media marketing. Email team@farminghope.org