Refettorio San Francisco



A Community Food Hub

At our anchor kitchen, Refettorio San Francisco, everyday Farming Hope takes action recovering imperfect surplus foods from going to waste and nourishing those who need it most in our communities. Farming Hope’s apprentices spend their first six weeks of paid training here learning culinary skills.

Refettorio SF is a collaboration with Food for Soul, a non-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore to empower local communities to reduce food waste and support social inclusion. By enabling the transformation of people, places and food, Food for Soul builds a culture of value that strengthens community resilience, opens opportunities for social and economic mobility and builds healthier and more equitable food systems. Refettorio San Francisco is one of many Refettorios around the world, each working toward the same goals of waste reduction and social inclusion in their own communities. 

Prepared Meals

Prepared Meals

With 1 in 4 San Franciscans facing food insecurity, Farming Hope has responded to the need for individually prepared, nourishing meals by serving over 1000 meals per week. Farming Hope partners with nonprofit organizations throughout San Francisco who are addressing the needs of vulnerable neighbors. We address food insecurity collaboratively while providing a wide variety of delicious, nutritious, culturally relevant meals to our communities in need. Consistent, reliable, prepared meals are an essential component of creating the stability needed to transition out of poverty.

In-House Dinners

In-house dinners for families provide nourish our neighbors and provide opportunities for social cohesion and a sense of belonging, building resilient communities. 


Client-Choice Grocery

We provide a client choice groceries, providing food security and reducing food waste by welcoming our clients to choose the food that their family is most likely to consume. 

“The summer of ’78 I went to San Francisco to study English. To a 16 year old boy from Modena, California meant rock concerts, convertible cars, and cowboy hats. After three months I was a different Massimo. Yes, my English had improved but it was the life lessons I learned about diversity and freedom of expression that changed me forever. Opening Refettorio San Francisco is a way for me to give back, to say “thank you” to this amazing city.”

Massimo Bottura

The Golden Gate Bridge, designed in international orange to make it visible in the fog, was originally conceived as a path connecting different communities around the bay. The abstract graphic of the bridge results in four distinct yet interconnected hubs that shine light on program initiatives around food, art, and education. With the hues red and yellow, the logo color stands for hunger, emotion and passion capturing the spirit of the project where cooking is an act of love to nourish well-being, conviviality and purpose. Refettorio San Francisco will bridge together people with different needs through culture and community becoming a beacon of inclusivity and a symbol of hope. Learn more about Refettorio San Francisco here.

Join us in the fight

 Farming Hope is different — we pay Apprentices while they learn in our program.
Paying people makes sense, but costs dollars.