Apprenticeship Program



Apprenticeship Program

Farming Hope offers a 12 week, part-time, paid apprenticeship program for folks facing barriers to employment, including former incarceration or homelessness. We provide our apprentices with on-the-job culinary training in our kitchens and our garden. We aim to provide a safe, supportive environment that nurtures the confidence needed to truly feel job-ready. Former apprentices work in the food industry (restaurants, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, food manufacturing) as well as landscaping and other careers.

  • Apprentices spend their first six weeks of paid training at Refettorio San Francisco, our community food hub, learning kitchen basics.
  • Apprentices spend their second six weeks of paid training at Farming Hope at Manny’s, our social enterprise cafe and restaurant.
  • Every weekend apprentices spend 2 hours in our urban garden.

Applicants must be working with a case manager in order to participate in our program; if you are interested in referring your client to our program please fill out this form.

Questions about our apprenticeship program? Email program@farminghope@org

Apprentice Stories

2020 Graduate

2020 Graduate

Employment Partners

The restaurants and food companies below have employed our apprenticeship graduates at their businesses, helping to create equitable workplaces in the food industry and beyond.

Join us in the fight

 Farming Hope is different — we pay Apprentices while they learn in our program.
Paying people makes sense, but costs dollars.