Divisidero Farming Hope Garden 

Farming Hope’s Training Garden on the corner of Divisdero Street and Eddy Street in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood provides apprentices, volunteers, and neighbors a supportive space to learn urban gardening skills while growing food for the community. 

Garden Volunteer Day July 2021

Growing food, Growing hope

In addition to growing food, the garden is also a place for horticultural therapy, connecting to the soil and to each other, by gaining a deeper understanding of where food comes from. As part of our job training, apprentices spend two paid hours every Saturday getting their hands dirty in the garden.

As part of our philosophy of sustainability, our garden has a “plant rescue,” where plants that have been removed during landscaping and other yard work are put into pots and available to the community to adopt for free.

Interested in gardening with us? We welcome volunteers in the garden! See our volunteering page.

Join us in the fight

 Farming Hope is different — we pay Apprentices while they learn in our program.
Paying people makes sense, but costs dollars.