Farming Hope at Manny's



Farming Hope at Manny’s is Closed.

For over four years, Farming Hope at Manny’s operated a cafe, restaurant, and wine & beer bar inside of Manny’s, a civic gathering space in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district at the corner of 16th and Valencia. We are so proud of the many years of our partnership with Manny’s, of guests we served, the events we catered, and the impact we had through training over 70 apprentices in our kitchen and cafe.

While Farming Hope has graduated from our time at Manny’s, as of January 2023 a new team of folks (including some former members of the Farming Hope team) will take over the cafe space and continue serving lattes, food, and inspiration to the community. For more information visit Manny’s website.

Pop-up Guest Chef Dinners and Community Events at Farming Hope

Friends night, date night, solo night…events at Farming Hope are all about connecting people, purpose, and great food. Click here for more info – join us!

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Host your next private party, corporate event, cooking class, or pop-up, at Farming Hope!

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 Farming Hope is different — we pay Apprentices while they learn in our program.
Paying people makes sense, but costs dollars.